Roof fan!

Short post today… Haven’t gotten much done with the van recently as I’m trying to get some other stuff fixed up to sell.  The futon mattress was supposed to be here last week but should* be coming today so the bed/couch can be built and the flooring that was ordered from Lowes came in two days ago.  Excited!!

Since the stock vents are super small and don’t have a fan in them, it seemed smart to to toss one in.  First things first was to remove the old, small vent and get the 14″x 14″ hole marked out for the Fantastic Fan.  They seem super common in the vanning world!

Double and triple check that big hole is where you want it and is the proper size.  If not, you’re on your own.  Also, I don’t wear shoes, but when cutting with an angle grinder you probably should have some on, and pants… and a shirt… but hey, there are sun glasses at least. Safety first! Then team work.

After the hole was cut the fan was dropped in.  Snug fit, perfect.  At this point, there was thunder off in the distance so I started cleaning up.  Half of the things were put away and it POURED down rain.  Notice how there has been no mention of screwing the fan down or sealing it up??  Well, that’s because it wasn’t at that point… and we had to toss a bucket under there to catch the rain 😦  Sasha was happy about it though 🙂 , must have been thirsty.

This is a 12v fan and will be ran off of the batteries in the back and solar panels.  All of that stuff is non existent as of now, so the wires were just left hanging.  They will run to the power station when that stuff comes. Simple though, one ground and one 12+.


That’s all for now!  Have a great day folks!!! Please subscribe to my blog via email!!


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