Life’s adVANture has a VAN!

While the original plan was for a regular Chevy 2500/3500 van around mid 2000’s, I couldn’t pass this one up!



Well… this one is full of cool stuff!

  1. It’s a 1986 g-30 high cube van with 44k miles, ceiling height is 6’3″.
  2. The air force used to use to haul pilots around in, the “US PROPERTY” tag is still in it under the driver side visor.
  3. It’s equipped with a 6.2 non-turbo Detroit diesel making roughly 165hp/285ftlbs mated to a brand new ($700) TH-400 three speed transmission.  The engine requires ZERO electronics to run, other than to start it, so no wires to go bad making it inoperable; same goes for the transmission.
  4. The rear barn doors open as you can see in the photo and can be used as a wind break/rain shelter.  The side door is a pocket door which is awesome because it takes up no interior space.
  5. The roof already has two vents in it, and the two rear side windows open and already have sliding screens in them.
  6. The interior is wide enough to sleep width wise, a regular van would not have been.
  7. The box part is dual paneled.  The plan was to insulate, but it’s already insulated! SCORE!!!
  8. It’s a square.  It is so much easier to build cabinets, hanging beds, couches, desks, etc when you’re working with a square as opposed to the shape of the inside of a regular van.
  9. The engine CAN be ran off of: diesel, waste motor oil, used transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, veggie oils, etc in a pinch.
  10. It’s 100% paid for and was only $2,000!  There’s even less rust (almost none!)  than most of the mid 2000’s vans I was looking at.  Ohio winters are rough on metal.

From here I’ll let the photos do the talking!

van 3van 4van 5van 6van 7van 8van 9van 2

My mind is going non stop thinking of how to outfit this thing.  I’ve came up with some good ideas, great ideas, and terrible ideas… stay tuned for more to come!

Please drop a  comment below letting me know what YOU would do to YOUR home on wheels!

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7 thoughts on “Life’s adVANture has a VAN!

  1. I think this is perfect and I hope it goes well for you and you decorate it the way you like 💕✌ good luck and good vibes man


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