Hi!  I’m Curtis (and that’s Sasha), soon to be homeless!

On purpose…

Due to the inevitability of losing the job I’ve been at since December 2009, I’ve had to make some choices lately.

I’ve ultimately decided to sell mostly all of my possessions, my house, and outfit a van to be lived in with my lovely companion dog, Sasha.

My goal is to live MY life, the way I want to; traveling the USA/Canada as cheaply as possible.  There are so many things out there to see and I’m going to show YOU that they can be seen with very minimal amounts of money.

If you’d like to see what it takes to give up the normal day to day aspects of life to follow your dreams of traveling cheaply, you’ve come to the right place!

Through out this journey of mine, however long it lasts, I hope that you guys can learn, laugh, enjoy, cry, and love life with me along the way.  Not all days will be good, some will be great and some bad; that is life and shouldn’t keep you from chasing your dreams.

“Die with memories, not dreams.”

3 thoughts on “About

  1. So glad you decided to go with your plan. It’s an amazing life, not many people get a glimpse of true freedom. It’s cool, with technology now you can share your adventures. Blessings and good energy on your travels!

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